Saturday, May 20, 2006



Sandy said...

We love the photos!

When Annika saw them, she said "is that me?" Then she looked closer and yelled "Lizzy!" She was interested in Teddy and asked if Lizzy had a brother. I showed her Teddy sleeping, and she asked "is that Lizzy's baby?" (she refers to Alex and Owen as her babies).

Annika wanted to write Lizzy a letter:

Dear Lizzy,

I love you. Would you like to come to my house sometime? I like your pictures and your turtle. I have a frog named Leaf.



P.S. We're very excited you have a blog, because you all won't seem so far away when you move to Rochester.

See ya Tuesday

lynsalyns said...

I miss my niece and nephew. And their parents.

Love you.

The shot of T.'s nurple is HI-larious.

Karen said...

The best part is that nurple shot is self-portrait he took.


mothergoosemouse said...

Great shots. I'm glad we're not the only family with endless sheets of paper covered in letters. And I missed the turtle at first glance - focused on the cute girl instead!

Christina said...

What a great set of pics! I love the second one down - he looks like a vampire going for a big bite! :)

Tater and Tot said...

Love the pictures. You have georgous children! And could you tell me where I could buy one of those counter top trash cans? (just joking!) Thanks for sharing your family with us!

John-Michael said...

Your "cup of joy" must be overflowing and spilling happiness all over your life. Thank you for sharing the excess.

Kurt Schroeder said...

That is a sub-saharan desert tortoise? Does it have an actual species name. We might want to play copycat pet-wise. Plus, I need a new ottoman.