Friday, May 20, 2011

Dirty Little Secret #113

I'm no better at cleaning this place than I was two years ago when I quit this blog AND my day job.


In the meantime, I've been busy at keeping myself busy. Today, however, I'm going to tackle that floor. If the Rapture really is imminent, I don't want Jesus stepping on any stray Legos.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dirty Little Secret #112

I never told my best friend about this blog.

So today, given that I outed myself by directing her to an article on which I had previously commented, I need to apologize. Thankfully, she took it well. She even read the whole thing. Who else has done that, I wonder?

It can't be many.

Fearing that she won't have time to keep it up, she tells me that she won't start her own blog. In her own words, "I can't do half assed. I can be half an ass, but really am still too much of a Type A to do things half way."

So because you won't throw up your hands, join in with the rest of the half-asses, and choose your own online identity, I am giving you a blog name. I anoint you "MRS. TURKEY." Please welcome her to the coop.

It occurred to me that these aren't turkeys. They're geese. But it's my blog and I don't care. Are you reading this Ms. Type A? Now go get your own darn blog so that you can complain about it.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dirty Little Secret #111

Race mattered to me in this election.

While clearly I vote for the Democratic ticket for many, many other reasons, I was excited to have the opportunity to vote for a person who did not look like me. I was chastised for this by a few. One friend belittled my assertion that it mattered by accusing me of falling victim to "heartbreak drama politics."

But I told her that I was voting for my children - my very white children, mind you. I want them to grow up in a world different from that in which I was raised. I want a physical, undeniable symbol that anything is possible for anyone.

I'm taking note that some are refusing to acknowledge this as historic. Whether or not you voted for McCain or "Other," this is a new world. What happens to your taxes, your war, your capital gains: it doesn't matter today. Let's get back to politics tomorrow.

Tomorrow, let's start working together to reform our government. To end the war responsibly. To bring all people to the table. To cut out pork. To fix our broken schools. To help women and men make healthy and responsible reproductive choices before, not after, the fact. To end violence in our cities. To spend our personal and collective wealth responsibly. To restore the world's confidence in our great nation. To acknowledge that none of us exist in a vacuum.

But today? Today it's all about this:

Monday, November 03, 2008

Dirty Little Secret #110

I wish that I had it in me to be like Elizabeth and Heather.

I wish that I could agree to just leave politics out of it.

But I can't. On Wednesday morning, I need to wake up to a new world order. I need it, like I need water.

Like I need air.

I don't judge anyone for choosing to vote for John McCain. Tammy? I get that. She has conviction. She believes. And while I don't agree, I get that.

(But our friends who admitted that they agree with Barack Obama on almost all issues but won't vote for him because he'll raise the capital gains tax? I don't get that. You? You just might be greedy. And I know. I'm in your tax bracket.)

(And if you're voting for Sarah Palin, well, I might just judge that, too. Sorry.)

What I love about blogs is that I can read about the lives of these women and identify so strongly with them, regardless of our differences. Stephanie Nielson? Her stories about motherhood and housewifery and craftiness bring me joy, in spite of the fact that she thinks "Dems are crazy."

(I'm crazy alright.)

I'm not asking anyone to change their vote. (Well, except for maybe you folks in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida. And while we're at it, maybe all you folks in Georgia could get on board. M'Kay?)

No matter what happens, I'm asking for change.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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