Friday, November 17, 2006

Dirty Little Secret #42

This is what I would look like as a South Park character:

I made it myself, courtesy of HBM.

I'm not sure that if you took a look at me, in person, you would think that this image accurately represents me. But it's how I feel.

A little bit frazzled.
A little bit frumpy.
Trying a little too hard to look like I have it together.

The pearls were an afterthought. I certainly don't parade around in my pearls these days, but ten years ago I searched for excuses to wear them. I'm just a wee bit more hip than South Park Karen would imply, but if I think about it too long, my standard low-rise jeans and long-sleeve tee start to resemble the dreaded mom uniform.

I think it's the same mindset I was in when I chose my profile pic for Blogger. It's certainly not the most flattering picture ever snapped of my mug, but it LOOKS like me. Or rather, it looks like I feel most of the time. Do you see that look on my face?

I'm clearly telling whomever I was looking at that he or she is an idiot.

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