Friday, December 01, 2006


the red list-

red head
red eye
red beard
red storm
red sea
red grange
red buttons
red white &blue
read (i know it’s only a homonym) you like a book
red light
red ass
seeing red
red tape
red cross
red crescent
red alert
red flag
red planet
red tide
red card
red army
red friday
red ribbon
red blood cell
red pepper
red apple
red cherry
code red
red letter
red china
red guard
blood red
red wings
cincinnati reds
red sox
red legs
red stockings
red numbers
little red book
big red
product red
red herring
red heat
red meat
red lobster
red bull
red hot chili peppers
red roof inn
red robin
red dragon
the red green show
red beard
redhook ale
red hat society
simply red
red hots
red lobster
red rocks
red scare
red lion
clifford the big red dog
red-tailed hawk
red book
red bank nj
red baron
red angus
red vines
red rover
red river
red square
red devil
red zone
red auerbach
red earth
rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
red fish
little red riding hood
the red tent
red mile
red states
red wine
the red badge of courage
red beans and rice
red fox (the animal)
redd fox (the comedian)
red october
the big red one
red carpet
the thin red line
red raiders
red river shoot-out
one fish two fish red fish blue fish
roses are red
(the angels wanna wear my) red shoes
red thunder

An incomplete list of everything red I could think of...please use comments to add to it, I’d love to see what I missed. Come visit my blog to read about my antics with my two little girls. Karen is over there today, with another tale involving the color red.

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