Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mo Crackers is Having a Contest


See here for details. I won't be entering, as I am too far post-partum to remember all the stupid things we did to each other when our babies were born. My sister comments that "I can't believe you can't remember all the stupid things Dirk did. You're covering so you look superior!"

But really, it's just that my husband is so often stupid and I are so often stupid to one another that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to remember all of it. But she's right. I am superior.

Please, people, you can't be surprised.

I leave you with a flashback. In the interest of clearing out a cluttered hard-drive, I uploaded 150+ videos to my online archives. In the process, we re-visited some favorite moments. This clip is my daughter at 20 months, in September 2003. We had been in Minnesota for two months, and I was attempting to pot geraniums for a Fall display on my front steps.

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