Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dirty Little Secrets #50 & #51

My sister and I have vastly different personalities and my family has a theme song.

Seemingly unrelated, no? Let me recount the following conversation so that you understand.

Mrs. Chicken: (having just received news of a fabulous freelance writing assignment) I got the job!

Karen: (uttering various and sundry forms of congratulations) What did Channing say?

Mrs. Chicken: He said, "that's great," and then reminded me of our motto.

Karen: You have a family motto? Really? We have a family theme song. (Demonstrating my ability to make everything about me.)

Mrs. Chicken: Yes, we do. You have a theme song?

Karen: Yeah! It's Bob Marley, Three Little Birds. You know, "every little thing's gonna be alright..."

Mrs. Chicken: That figures. Ours is "Don't Fuck Up."


Therein lies the difference.

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