Thursday, March 06, 2008

Dirty Little Secret #98

I ruined the jam bars.

I was so anxious to eat their sweet oatey goodness, that I dumped the whole bowl of sugar, butter and oat mixture right into the good ol' 9 X 13, coated them with jam, and slammed the oven door behind them.

Of course, the recipe outlines that one should calmly spread HALF of the sweet oatey goodness in the bottom of the pan, then serenely add a restrained layer of jam, and then TOP them with the other half of the sweet oatey goodness.

But did I do that? Evn though I've made jam bars hundreds of times?

No. I did not.

So now I have an ooey-gooey jammy mess, that can't be picked up in ones hands. Too much jam and no sweet oatey goodness to hold it all together on the top: they'll have to be tossed. But that hasn't stopped me from scooping out and scarfing down the first row of them.

No, it hasnt.

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