Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dirty Little Secret # 9

I am not as good a person as others think I am.

"Really," you say? Well, that seems like something one should not assume. Let me explain.

Recently I received an email from my friend, Crazy Mary. And no, I don't call her that to her face. She's my friend from high school who dropped out of college, married, bore children, and divorced before the age of 25, moved her son in with an abusive boyfriend, and then left him for drug addict with whom she immediately had twins. That's right, folks, Crazy Mary.

Anyway, Crazy Mary's life is looking up lately and this is a good thing. She is still the type to get perms and send email forwards to a huge DL, and her most recent email asked us to describe her in just one word. I called her "hopeful." I am not much for forwards, but I sent it to 3 of my friends. Two replied.

Crazy Mary called me "true."
An old friend/boyfriend called me "virtuous."
I asked my husband, and he called me "determined."

I was surprised. I would have called myself judgmental, prude, and stubborn.

What would you call yourself?


lynsalyns said...

I call you tough.

I call me lazy.

Binky said...

This blog of yours is good stuff. I like the story of hopeful Mary.

I'd call myself insensitive, generally.

MrsFortune said...

Um, I call myself really freaking tired. :-) But I don't think my friends would have the guts to say the bad stuff about me, anyway, which is fine cuz I'm more than capable of doing that myself - and it seems like you are, too.

Marcus said...

Meow meow call myself wet from pushing a box full of water meow.