Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Anniversary Redux: Karen and Dirk

If you know my sister, then you'll note that our wedding anniversaries are just two days apart. Amy is 4 years older than I am, but I married two years earlier. While we chose the same reception site, the same photographer, and many of the same guests, our weddings were pretty different.

She was married in the Catholic Church, while Dirk and I struggled to find a "person of God" who would marry a lapsed Catholic and a half-Jewish, half-Catholic, self-professed heathen in a country club. We settled on a Unitarian; he gave us an unexpected Jesus smackdown once he had us at the make-shift altar.

I wanted nothing more than to marry my husband, and I loved that dress with all my heart.

It was beautiful. All of it.

But my memories of my wedding reflect one kick-ass dress and what can only be described as the leaning tower of cake.

My dad passed away in August 2004, and many of my most recent dirty little secrets revolve around the aftermath of his illness and death. He was an amazing, larger than life kind-of-guy. One of my favorite moments that day was right before I took his arm and marched down the aisle.

What do you think he just said to me? Yep. "Are you sure you want to do this, honey? Just checking."

I did. I wanted to do it because my husband is my soulmate. He really is. He's a nudge, and would like to give me things to write about here. He'll try to be snarky and then say, "well, will I make it?" And while sometimes he is a royal pain in the ass, he is what sees me through the dark times and into the sunshine. And it's not a secret.

April 15, 2000


Binky said...

Happy Anniversary! I've never been one to view my wedding as "the best day of my life," but after reading this I do realize that anniversaries are very special-- as a celebration of everything that happened since then and as a memorial to those you have lost. Best wishes for many more happy and healthy years together.

Binky said...

P.S. I just realized that your husband has the same name that I used as a pseudonym for the neighbor I wrote about in my post today :) I don't know if I saw it earlier and it slipped into my subconscious or if it's just a weird coincidence. I mean, what are the odds?!?!

lynsalyns said...

You couldn't find a better picture of me than that? The plaid was revenge for the battleship dress.

Her wedding was closer to dinner theatre than ceremony.

Love you both ... see you in the morning! :)

Karen said...

Trashing me on my own blog? The nerve.

I like that picture of you and I.

lynsalyns said...

I'm tagging you. Six interesting facts. Go to it.

Queen_B said...

I thought you both looked beautiful...:-P