Thursday, August 31, 2006

Things Unspoken

The spacious loft apartment is decorated sparsely, but has obviously been furnished by someone with a excellent eye for design. Serene light blue walls glow slightly in the light of sunset, and soft white couches convey a sense of comfort. Every inch of the space is immaculate -- not a dust bunny or piece of lint inhabits the residence. But the tranquility and elegance of the surroundings presents a significant contrast to the vibes within.

"That whole thing was a phase. Nothing more -- it was practically over before it even started. People do crazy things when they are young. You know, liquid lunches followed by romantic interludes. Fun and games. But now it's different -- much more news, weather, and sports than Harlequin novel material. Nothing to feel threatened about."

"Not convinced. NOT CONVINCED. The 3:00 AM phone call last weekend? That requires additional explanation."

"Geez. It was an issue with the pet. Trouble breathing or something. Everyone needs someone to talk to when they are stressed and need a second opinion."

"Hmm, and an actual veterinarian wouldn't do?"

"That's not the point. People need to be there for one another."

"At 3 AM?"

"It's usually not like that. No need to overreact."

"And this picture? Weekend in Hawaii, big smiles -- why is it in the living room?"

"It was a great time. Beautiful place. Nice memories."

The sound of glass breaking resonates off the walls of the loft. The shards of the broken picture frame scatter across the hardwood floors, and skitter into corners and under tables.

A heavy sigh. "Great. Who is going to clean that up?"

"Who cares? Honestly. It will sweep right up. There are other things that are more important right now."

"Yes -- like trust. And jealousy. And the question of why people sometimes make mountains out of mole hills." Another sigh. "Look, this is a miserable way to spend a Saturday evening. There are better ways to demonstrate the difference between platonic relationships and romantic ones..."

A resigned sigh, followed by giggles.

The click of a switch and the lights are dimmed.

Within moments, there are clothes strewn about the loft, thrown carelessly on soft white couches and intermingled with broken bits of wood and glass from the picture frame. But even with all the mess, the loft seems much more harmonious than before.

Today's guest post was brought to you by Nancy, the letter Q, and the number 4. When Nancy's not blogging, she's putting clothes on Polly Pocket dolls, plucking her toddler off the furniture, or picking on her coworkers.

This fictional interlude was part of the monthly blog exchange coordinated by Kristen of Motherhood Uncensored. This month, each blogger picked a favorite writing prompt from McSweeney's. Nancy's chosen challenge: "Write a scene showing a man and a woman arguing over the man's friendship with a former girlfriend. Do not mention the girlfriend, the man, the woman, or the argument."


krista said...

That was great. I enjoyed that thouroughly Nancy! I need to follow my resigned sighs with giggles and see if that leads me to where it lead them... hmmm...

Mother said...

Nancy ~

This is great. I found this one to be really hard. I'm highly impressed. You're such a diverse writer.

ECR said...

This piece has really great dialogue. I think you chose the most difficult prompt out of all them. Nice!

Binkytown said...

I loved the ending! I guess that's why it's fiction right? We should all be so lucky ;)

sherry said...

I like it! That was one of the prompts that seemed easy until you actually try it, but you did great.

Heather said...

I tried this one too, and after I chose it, wished I hadn't. I like your take on it...

Mayberry said...

Loved it, Nancy!

mothergoosemouse said...

That made me smile. I'm glad you gave it a happy ending - it seemed to be a natural conclusion.

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TB said...

Great job Nancy! I love the way you described the condo and the happy ending was a nice touch.