Saturday, September 09, 2006

Dirty Little Secrets #19 - #27

19) I am incredibly frumpy. While my jeans are low-waisted and boot-cut, I am woefully in need of Stacy and Clinton. If only for their $5,000. And instructions on how to buy grown-up, non-frumpy good-looking jeans to fit short legs and double zip-coded rear-end.

20) In the mall today I passed a woman in a Cabela's sweatshirt. Few people around me likely knew what it was, but it made me smile.

21) While I am learning to be more comfortable in my confused lilac 1908 American Foursquare, I am envious of my sister's brand new home. It has only her dirt in it.

22) I miss my sister.

23) This week, I had a peritonsillar abscess removed from my throat; an otolaryngologist stuck a needle in my throat to remove a butt-load a pus that had accumlated behind my tonsil due to a percolating strep infection. Then I took a load of vicodin, barfed, and slept for two days straight. My husband stayed home for three days to take care of Liz and Ted. It was not only the sickest I have been in fifteen years, it was also one of the strangest things I have experienced. I don't remember most of two days.

25) I bought new underwear today. The salesclerk at Victoria's Secret tried her best to convince me to open a charge account. I told her it wouldn't be worth my while, as I only buy new underwear every two years. Six new pairs, every other year.

26) Lizzy started dance class on Friday. It's a combination tap, dance, and creative movement class at a fairly low-key gym facility for children. There are no dress codes, few rules, and no body image issues that I can detect lurking in the curriculum. While I think I could be a friend of Gloria Steinem and never took dance classes myself, my heart skipped a little beat when I saw her in her pink leotard and tights.

27) I grew up here. As the dust from my own move and my sister's settle around us all, I am finding some comfort in the places I once knew best.


lynsalyns said...

My heart skipped a beat, too. God she is adorable. I cant believe I once held her when she was 10 days old.

lynsalyns said...

PS - don't be jealous. We have 100 crickets and everything in this place is crooked. Including us. I miss you too.

blair said...

I totally hear the need for Stacey and Clinton. The only new things I buy are on the Old Navy clearance rack.

Don't worry about that old dirt. At some point it will become your own.

When you described the throat issue I had a flashback. Do you remember when I was a freshman and so sick? It turned out after I had my tonsils removed that there was an abcess on the back of my left tonsil. Hm. I'm sorry you were so ill. I know how much throat surgery sucked. *Hug*

Anyway - it is good to see you online. Lizzie is beautiful.

Her Bad Mother said...

What an adorable, adorable child.

And. You're going to have to fight me for Stacy and Clinton. I need them more.

Nancy said...

Ugh -- the abscess-removal thing sounds awful. I am glad you had a chance to rest and recuperate.

I need Stacy and Clinton, too. Even when I think I've found decent looking clothes, I get them home and feel frumpy again. I think the stores pipe some feel-good air into the dressing rooms or something so we're suckered into liking the stuff we try on... (at least temporarily!)

Kara said...

Karen, you will probably laugh, but Minnesota-me has no idea what the hell or who the hell Stacy and Clinton are. I probably need them too! Do they also do plastic surgery? :)

Lizzy looks excited to dance!

Sandy said...

that throat thing sounded icky...hope you're feeling better!

Annika started dance this past summer. I, too, had some issues as I have always balked at classes like these, but I have to say it is a very, very good thing. I have an old post of Annika in her leotard, and it is one of my very favorite pics.

Heather said...

Yay! You're back! I was getting worried about you...

I've only seen What Not to Wear a few times since we don't have cable (have to watch at my parents' house sometimes.) I'm sure they would be appalled at my wardrobe (if you can even call it a wardrobe).

Sorry about the throat thing. Yuck.

I feel a bit smug when I hear of a new Mom or a Mom who just had baby #2 who thought they would just do everything as before, but with a kid, finding out that isn't the case. Because it's harder than it looks.

I buy underwear on a similar schedule. Thought I'd share.

bubandpie said...

Re: #24 - They've even got a word for it: schadenfreude. I would totally feel the same way.

Kurt Schroeder said...

I've been trying to get Sandy to buy underwear at Victoria's Secret for years...