Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dirty Little Secret #36

There are a few areas in my life that could stand some improvement. So without further ado, here are Ten Things I Hate About Me, courtesy of Sandy, via Heather.

1) I procrastinate. Three weeks ago, a local boutique ordered a large number of items. They are due to be delivered tomorrow, and I am writing a blog post in lieu of finishing them.

2) I am a snob. Trust me, as we speak I am assessing your educational background and social demographics. I'm almost always correct about my assumptions.

3) I have a hard time admitting that I am wrong.

4) I always believe that I am right.

5) Around 5:30 each evening, I grow to dislike the sight of my own children. Please, people, step away from Mommy.

6) I am a know-it-all. I prefer to sit in the front of the classroom and dominate the discussion. Also, see #2 and #3.

7) I make promises that I cannot keep. Mostly, they are in the form of helping other friends looking to start their own small businesses. Need a piece of custom HTML? Sure! Need a business card design? No problem! Just be prepared to wait.

8) I am judgmental, which is different from #2. Maybe I'm splitting hairs.

9) I am short. There's no fixing this one; I've been 5'1" since I was twelve, and I think it is only downhill from here.

10) My facial expressions betray me. My face often reflects my distaste for the idiocy of others when it might be more socially acceptable to squelch the urge to call out their stupidity.

Wow. I'm pretty horrible.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's list of 10 Things I Like About Me, which I think will not reveal much more than what is listed above. After all, if one is an arrogant B-I-T-C-H at heart, it likely serves that one's most black-hearted qualities will be those most dear to one's heart.

Feel free to join in, Tater, Emily M.R., and NewDotMom.


J. Hatch said...

Well my dear cousin I felt I must come out of the shadows to tell you that item #10 results directly from your DNA! (see also #4) I too am afflicted with the "Hatch" face which is as revealing as a Maxim Magazine in the "NO CANDY" isle at the supermarket.

I cherish your posts and your flickr pics as I cherish your sisters. They are jewels among the rubble in my GReader. When they appear they make the rest worth digging through!

bubandpie said...

This is a fascinating list! I don't know if I'm brave enough to do one...

(Your list reminded me of the expression, "Does not bear fools gladly." Many of my best friends fall into that category! There are many compensating virtues, of course - I expect we'll here some of them in your next post - such as an almost foolproof bullshit-detector.)

Emily said...

You are so not short....

(waving up there from down here)


Tater and Tot said...

That's for the tag. I'm not sure we should be friends anymore, though. When you write things out like that, you seem kinda mean.


Tater and Tot said...

You know I'm kidding, right?
I like you lots.

Sandy said...

We are so similar, it's no wonder I like you so much!

Queen_B said...

I like you just fine. ;-)

Emily said...

OK, did it.

Heather said...

So very honest. I love it. That's why I wrote my list. Can't wait to see the next list!

BTW, I always wanted to be short. I've been my current height (5'8")since 8th grade. That's hard on a girl when you're taller than all the boys...from oh, about 1st grade until at least 10th.

Tiff said...

ha! I like #10 - I have that problem as well. I have to make a conscious effort not to let my facial expressions show my *true* feelings when I'm talking with someone...

(I popped over here via emilymr's site :)

Tater and Tot said...

Thanks for the link and the tag - I just finished playing!

Nancy said...

#7 is me, too. I have good intentions, just terrible follow through.

Oh, and #1. And #9. (in fact, if we met, we would probably see eye to eye as we talk.)