Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dirty Little Secret #112

I never told my best friend about this blog.

So today, given that I outed myself by directing her to an article on which I had previously commented, I need to apologize. Thankfully, she took it well. She even read the whole thing. Who else has done that, I wonder?

It can't be many.

Fearing that she won't have time to keep it up, she tells me that she won't start her own blog. In her own words, "I can't do half assed. I can be half an ass, but really am still too much of a Type A to do things half way."

So because you won't throw up your hands, join in with the rest of the half-asses, and choose your own online identity, I am giving you a blog name. I anoint you "MRS. TURKEY." Please welcome her to the coop.

It occurred to me that these aren't turkeys. They're geese. But it's my blog and I don't care. Are you reading this Ms. Type A? Now go get your own darn blog so that you can complain about it.

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